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Tallahassee Bee Removal

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​If you require a beehive removal on your property, we can help. Honey bee removal is not an easy task but our team of bee control experts will remove a beehive of any size from your property while using procedures and methods that are safe and humane.

Call us today at 229-573-0347

We Offer Affordable Bee Removal Services

Our goal is to help preserve the North American Honey Bee, a species that plays a pivotal role in the health of our ecosystem and food production for the entire continent. We offer safe, humane methods of honey bee removal at the lowest cost.

Call Us Before Calling an Exterminator

We do not believe in using chemicals of any kind to remove bees, as opposed to exterminators who use harmful toxins that not only kill the bees can but can harm your children and pets. We use gentle methods that reduce stress for the colony and more importantly, for our customers.

Why You Should Call Us:

  • We use no chemicals on your property
  • No extraction is too challenging
  • We avoid damaging walls and other areas of your property
  • We are the most affordable service in the area
  • We do not solicit pest control plans
  • We are experienced beekeepers who care about the welfare of both the bees and you and your family

A beehive can pose a threat to your family and your property, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be removed humanely. We provide services that benefit the customer as well as the honey bees and the environment. If you need bee hive removal, our bee control experts are here to help.

If You Need a Bee Hive Removed, We Are Here to Help

During the spring and summer months, bees swarm looking for hive locations. Florida’s climate allows bees to travel and breed year-round, so hives can pop up during any season. Beehives can last for years once they are established, and are commonly built in tight spaces such as wall voids, attic spaces, and roofs. Beehive populations can range from as little as a few dozen to over 100,000 bees per hive.

Honey bees are more docile than other types of bees, but they can be aggressive when defending an established hive. Honey bee stings can cause mild to moderate pain but they can also trigger severe allergic reactions.

If You Have a Honey Bee Hive On Your Property, Call Flint River Bees Today

If you feel that a beehive on your property presents a danger to your family, or pets, or is affecting the infrastructure of your property, we can provide bee control experts to perform a beehive removal that will be safe, cost-effective, and humane. Call us today at 229-573-0347.