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Best SEO Affiliate Programs for Earning Extra Income

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SEO affiliate programs are becoming one of the most popular ways to earn passive income in 2021. If you want to find a way to make money in your sleep, this article will help you choose the best SEO Affiliate program for your online business.

It can be difficult to keep track of your website’s performance, and with thousands of competitors across the world, you may want to invest in a service that can help you stand out and optimize your visibility and revenue. SEO Affiliate programs can help you drive traffic to your website, improve your rank on search engine results, and increase your earning potential.

How Do SEO Affiliate Programs Work?

SEO Affiliate programs are based on a performance-based model that offers monetary incentives for affiliate partners to drive the desired action. For example, increasing revenue and directing traffic to websites through links that are added to the content. These programs offer insight into how keywords can help increase website traffic and revenue. Utilizing SEO best practices can help improve the effectiveness and reach of your affiliate marketing campaign. But how do you choose the best SEO affiliate program for your business? There are thousands of programs to choose from, and all of them have pros and cons that you should take into consideration before moving forward.

Some of the factors you should consider when choosing the best SEO affiliate program include:

  • Commission rate. Payments can range from 10% to 50% commission for each sale. Affiliate commission payments tend to be monthly but may vary from company to company.
  • Cookie duration
  • Affiliate support. Many SEO programs offer free digital marketing materials and other resources so that you can add even more value to your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Reputation. While the digital boom has created an incredible new way to conduct business, scammers also took advantage. Choose a program that is reputable and protect your customers from getting scammed.

Benefits of Using SEO Affiliate Programs

SEO affiliate programs offer a variety of benefits that have revolutionized the way online business owners earn passive income. Some of these benefits include high commission rates, increased online traffic, increased visibility, and competitor insight.

Affiliate marketing makes it possible for companies to promote a product while starting out with a low budget, is a low-risk investment, and has the potential for having a high ROI. Affiliate programs also focus on your targeted clients by choosing the most suitable affiliate partners for your business. This is ideal for someone who has an online startup or an owner of an existing business who would like to expand their brand and make the most of their digital marketing content. Affiliate links, SEO best practices, and site audits all common features of SEO affiliate programs.

Many SEO affiliate programs provide customer support as well as marketing resources to help you make informed decisions when planning out your marketing campaigns. Some companies provide custom codes for their affiliate partners, such as influencers, so that their fans and followers receive exclusive discounts. This can increase both marketability and visibility for your business.

Our Top 3 SEO Affiliate Programs For 2021: Find the Best SEO Affiliate Program For Your Business

We went on the hunt for the best SEO Affiliate program of 2021 and rounded up the top 3 companies based on customer ratings and reviews. But which one is the best of the best?

1.Semrush: Best for Businesses

SEMrush is one of the most well-known and reputable SEO tools available. SEMrush software offers site audits, a database for keyword research, keyword analytics, information on your competitors, and can find backlinks. It has one of the higher commission rates and is highly accessible for clients around the world, providing promotional materials and features such as the SEO Writing Assistant in multiple languages. Semrush stands out amongst other SEO tool’s affiliate programs by allowing you to access keywords used by your competitors. This will help you build a content marketing strategy that can give you an advantage over your competitors by keeping tabs on their strategies. This SEO tool can be a great resource for website performance reports, paid and organic keywords, and competitor backlink comparisons. They also offer fantastic customer support, which is up-to-date and easily accessible. Semrush is definitely a strong contender, feel free to check it out!


  • 40% affiliate commission
  • Twice monthly payout
  • 7-day free trial
  • 10-year cookie life
  • All-in-one subscription


  • Limited user flexibility - Only one user at a time
  • Features such as the Social Media poster may not link to platforms such as Facebook Business
  • Provides data only for Google

2.SEOPressor: Best for Beginners

SEOPressor is ideal for those who are new to digital marketing. It’s one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress because it is both user-friendly and provides tips on how you can optimize content. SEOPressor powers over 10 million WordPress pages, and if you have previous experience with WordPress then this SEOPressor makes it possible to create crawl directives, monitor your links, generate sitemaps, and redirect URLs. Affiliates also have access to logos, banners, and email marketing samples in addition to other resources such as guides to SEO affiliate and marketing best practices. SEOpressor is also able to conduct a multi-keyword analysis and integrate with social media. But although SEOpressor has advantages for those who are still new to digital marketing, it doesn’t have the most reliable customer service, and you only get three keywords per post. While these features may be limited, SEOPressor could be a great way to get your feet wet.


  • Provides site audits
  • Use for unlimited sites
  • $9 monthly fee
  • Link audits to find and replace broken links
  • Easy to use


  • Poor customer support
  • Slow performance when conducting Content Analysis
  • No free version

3.Ninja Outreach: Best for Social Media Marketers

Ninja Outreach is a great way to reach and network with influencers around the world. This tool will allow you to manage campaigns with multiple influencers all at one time and makes it easy to manage the progression of your campaigns. It also helps promote lead generation for your website and has a massive reach to thousands, if not millions of potential customers. Ninja Outreach is suitable for those who would like to find influencers who fit their niche, giving you access to a built-in client base in the form of their followers. Influencers are valuable to online marketers due to the fact that their followers already trust their opinions and reviews of products. Ninja Outreach offers a 7-day free trial so that you can determine if it’s a good fit before paying. However, you may not see any real results within such a short timespan, so consider that if you do decide to sign up for a free trial.


  • Automated influencer outreach
  • 7-day free trial
  • 6-month cookie duration
  • Automated emails to influencers that can be customized
  • You can experiment with different types of link building strategies all at once


  • Only includes two social media platforms, Instagram and Twitter
  • You have to use your email account, as Ninja Outreach has no email software. You will have to pay for the service again if you’d like to open a new account with a different email provider.
  • No email or phone number. The only way to initiate contact with Ninja Outreach is via a messaging feature and live chat on their website

The Winner Is:


Semrush has a stellar reputation for a reason. This SEO tool provides top-notch comprehensive search engine data and is ideal for monitoring technical SEO issues. Semrush can give you competitor insight that goes beyond keywords, pages, and traffic metrics; they can even provide you with some of their advertisements. If you are looking for a way to increase website traffic, generate passive income and expand your online brand, this all-in-one subscription could be your solution.